How to Use

1. Clean and shave the area you will be treating.

2. Plug the adaptor into the device and press the "power button" for one second. The red indicator light will turn on. Place the device close to the skin. Once the red indicator light flashes, it is ready to flash.

3. Press the "power button" to adjust the suitable intensity level. There are five intensity levels indicated with the blue indicator lights. Intensity one-low, intensity 5-high. Press the power button to choose the most suitable intensity level. 

4. When the intensity level is set, move the flash window completely flat against skin.

5. Wait until the red indicator light flashes and press the power button to flash. For the following flash, place the device on the skin right next to the previously flashed area and then press the power button again.

6. If the device is inactive for five minutes, the device will go into sleep mode, gently press the power button to turn it on. When it restarts, the intensity level changes to level one automatically.

7. After the treatment is complete, press the power button for two seconds to turn the device off.

8. Unplug the device and clean. Dampen a cloth with several drops of 70% alcohol and wipe over the flash window.